Digital Real Estate For Private Investors

Leading digital assets with high returns
Starts from $ 15,000 USD

What we offer

Why to Invest In a Digital Real Estate?

Fixed monthly income without effort

Without a headache and fuss, our monetization experts will make every effort to maximize the revenue and profits of the site you own and bring you to financial freedom.

Full Transparency

Madefire advocates full transparency. You will always be exposed to all the details. We will give you full access to monitor property performance. You can see the live data from Google Analytics, with full access to asset management and tracking of your revenue.

Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

The low cost of a digital real estate allows you to combine it with the real estate, capital market, crypto and other investment assets you hold, thus reducing the overall risk of your investment portfolio.

Stable Asset

Unlike real estate properties, which require a lot of approvals and endless regulations, Madefire will set up a digital property for you within a few days/weeks. We believe in organic marketing because it provides stability. Although it takes time for the property to stabilize and become profitable, In Google - the money goes into the bank like a Swiss watch



Digital Real Estate

The steps to creating a digital real estate

First Step

Market Research

Market Research and Google Keyword research to find niches with high demand and profits.
Second Step

Website Development

Establishment of a digital property, a quality and impressive website in the field within 30-40 days.
Third Step

Google SEO

Website promotion in an organic and powerful way in Google, with SEO EXPERTS.
Fourth step


Convert site visitors to lead the worth money.
Fifth Step

Established Connection

Contact service providers in the field in which the site deals and the free referral dedication
Sixth Step

Site rental

Renting the site for hundreds of $$$ on a long-term contract


We will design a strategy for you, set up a digital property and perform promotional activities on Google for about a year. Then, with the help of a stable array we set up in the US we find you a renter for the site, and you will get a monthly income that will increase as time goes on.

The property is fully managed and operated by us, in full cooperation and transparency based on his experience in building and managing dozens of income-producing digital assets.

Confidence and quiet in the deal for the investor
As with any transaction, there are risks but we are confident in our ability to provide the product and value we offer to investors, so we attach to the contract a number of protections and options for the benefit of the investor:

Possibility to exit the contract at the end of the first year at a discount and the site does not meet the goals that have been set in advance and minus the basic cost coverage amount that will be defined in the contract.
Option to sell the site at any stage at the request of the investor as an added value to the service by the company.

The investor is defined as the owner of the site for all that this implies and the contract will insurance this.

Madefire is solely responsible for building, promoting and marketing the site, locating tenants and dealing with them in full, including arranging payment and any ongoing conduct that may result from maintaining and promoting the site, so the investor has no involvement or responsibility in the contract or to produce, preserve or improve the site.

Transfer the funds from the monthly rent directly to a PayPal account or other virtual account owned by the investor.

We do do it ourselves and we already own many dozens of digital assets in the world which generate us a full return on the equity we have invested in those sites. We are looking for investors who would like to try the format as a successful alternative investment channel and return to work with us on other ventures that we promote to investors and will want to build additional assets with us as well.

Again remember that the model is win-win based and if you do not profit, we also do not benefit from the venture and actually spend a year of work on its development, promotion, management and technical and commercial conduct around the desire to make money from it – your risk is defined by reimbursement. Additional that we can provide you with, and will be able to strengthen the sense of security that we will expand on in the meeting.

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